About Us

Prophetic Ministry

RB Ministries is the prophetic ministry of Pastor Robert Belfort from Chicago, IL. RB Ministries is on the cutting edge of prophetic ministry. We teach, train, and encourage others about the prophetic ministry. If you are looking to invite Pastor Rob to your church, event or podcast, please fill out the booking request form here.

Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance is so important to in the body of Christ. We believe in deliverance and will do it as needed in our events and we will teach on it so that we can train your people on how to do deliverance ministry. For more info please reach out to us.  

Dream Interpretations

We believe that God speaks to us in many ways and one of the ways is through our dreams. Dreams are a very symbolic language and once we learn it we will unlock many revelations of God that He is speaking to us. We will interpret people's dreams through the power of the Holy Spirit and will teach others how to do it as well. For more info please feel free to reach out to us.